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History of Project School of Engineering Management


In 2014 AlmaU (Kazakhstan) and n+i/Sfere Consortium (France) have signed an agreement on academic cooperation intentions. In the same 2014 AlmaU signed a memorandum of cooperation with the n+i/Sfere Consortium (France) to develop a new competency model for the specialty "Information Systems". To develop a feasibility study for the specialty "Information Systems" was invited to the French side of the independent expert in the field of engineering schools opening programs for undergraduate, Mr. Alain Gourdin. The result of the expert's recommendations were reflected in the report «Feasibility study for school of Information systems and Advanced Engineering».

At the invitation of the President of the French Republic, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan made 5 and 6 November 2015 an official visit to France. Within the framework of the visit a working meeting of Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Minister of Higher Education and Research of the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research of the French Republic.

Referring to the Agreement on strategic partnership between Kazakhstan and the French Republic of 11 June 2008 on the Agreement between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the French Republic on cooperation in the field of education, higher education and science, signed in Astana on March 1, 2013, and also on The administrative agreement in the field of university cooperation, science and education between the Minister of education and science and the Minister of higher education and Research of the Ministry of national education, higher education and Research, signed in Astana on December 5, 2014.

In 2015 AlmaU continues to cooperate with the n+i/Sfere Consortium (France) and created a new strategic orientation study "Strategic Orientation Study" which was attended by two of the project expert Senor Pr. Jean Pierre Trotignon and Mr Kader Mechab and employees n+i/Sfere Consortium (France). The results of this work are the development of the school development plan, working curricula for undergraduate specialty "Information Systems" as well as the graduate on specialty «Software Engineering» and «Business Analytics and Big Data».

In 2016 AlmaU received permission from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the implementation of educational programs in the field of "Software Engineering", "Business Analytics and Big Data" on the undergraduate and graduate programs in experimental mode in an educational institution "Almaty Management University."

In September 2016 on the basis of the materials developed "Strategic Orientation Study" for the development of specialty 5B070300 - "Information Systems" took measures to harmonize the educational school project plan Engineering Management and 5B070300 specialty - "Information Systems". By combining the results of proficiency it has a new competence model for 4 years for students majoring 5B070300 - "Information Systems".

Within the framework of academic mobility of students of the specialty 5B070300 - "Information Systems" can be sent to the duration of one semester studying in countries such as Japan, France, Israel.

In the future, the school of Engineering Management to join specialty 5B070300 - "Information Systems" to the two specialties «Software Engineering» and «Business Analytics and Big Data».


Project leader of

School of Engineering Management

Arman E. Korzhaspayev